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Setting the time (some CLOCK project admin)

Posted on February 2nd, 2012 by Paul Stainthorp

Some notes from a phone chat with Andy McGregor (JISC Discovery programme manager) about CLOCK:

  1. Just as we did for Jerome, we’ll be using the CLOCK project blog for all reporting to JISC (as well as for blog posts about the work of the project itself):
    • List of required blog post headings here
  2. We also need to produce a Project Plan, based broadly on our original proposal:
    • Required headings for the Project Plan here
  3. (As project manager) I’ll also be emailing Andy once a month with a quick update on progress;
  4. There are nine other projects in the Discovery phase two programme, plus CLOCK:
    • List of projects here
    • There’s also a mailing list for the programme
  5. The next programme meeting will take place w/c 16 April 2012, in Birmingham:
    • List of programme meetings here
  6. As in phase one, consultants will be preparing case studies on the various projects (CLOCK included) for the benefit of the wider Discovery programme.

Related: we’re planning to hold our first project team meeting on 14 February 2012. To spread the burden of travel equally, we’re going to hold it in a location convenient for Lincoln, Cambridge and the West Midlands…