The CLOCK stack

Posted on July 27th, 2012 by Andrew Beeken

Back in May, Paul Stainthorp discussed the server stack we have available. You can read this here. I just want to go into a little more detail as to how we actually used this and why it was useful to us.

GitHub for Windows

GitHub for Windows

So, the process for getting stuff live was fairly straightforward. Write code, sync to the GitHub Repository (using the rather marvellous GitHub for Windows). Jenkins then picks up the new code, checks it for errors and pushes it to the live server where it’s then made available for viewing. Simple!

I’ve used a number of code repositories in the past, including Subversion, and I have to say that I find GitHub to be the easiest to use. Not only is it pretty straightforward (especially with the Windows client) but it’s very easy to include new users into repositories and also share code publicly; something essential to a project like this.

Using Jenkins then as a connector is, again, pretty straightforward and automating the whole process means that delivering new code to the server is an easy process.

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