CLOCK – the localized index model

Posted on July 27th, 2012 by Andrew Beeken
Local Index

The Local Index

Where could we go with CLOCK? That’s one of the questions we’re asking as we draw the project to a close. As mentioned in previous posts, our thoughts move towards a localized index. This would basically, rather than replicate all the information on the distributed databases, hold entries for each uniquely referenced bibilographic work. In a nutshell, it would contain rudimentary search (Title, ISBN, Author) content and specific location (URi) content. This would allow users to search for very specific records without having to span a search across multiple datasets, something our adventures in SPARQL proved to be quite tricky due to the weight of the data coming from these endpoints.

We’ve made a pretty diagram to show how this would work! (click on it for a bigger view)

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