Linked data – another perspective

Posted on June 22nd, 2012 by Andrew Beeken

While the research and development on CLOCK continues, we’re taking a look at how other people are tackling the apparently sticky issue of linked open data. One of those is LinkedGov down in London who are working to help government offices clean their open data and make it more usable. In a way, that’s what CLOCK is looking to do with the universal translator so it was very interesting to take a look at a presentation from LinkedGov’s Dan Paul Smith. You can read it here. In a nutshell, the LinkedGov approach is to provide a framework where people can upload their open data to, provide a set of rules and cache the data in a clean, usable format. This has dramatically changed my thoughts for the possible applications of the CLOCK translator and how we can index it for quick search and comparison!

Many thanks to Hadley Beeman at LinkedGov for her help!

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  1. [...] one of the questions we’re asking as we draw the project to a close. As mentioned in previous posts, our thoughts move towards a localized index. This would basically, rather than replicate [...]

  2. Looks good. One of the problems with mapping Bibliographic data to this sort of thing lies in repeatable fields, CSV and even some XML approaches do not handle it well.

    OKFN have a project to produce a similar client based toolset:

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