Hack da Fens: open bib hack day objectives!

Posted on May 17th, 2012 by Paul Stainthorp

Most of the CLOCK project team (ABECCLTJPS) are at CARET in Cambridge today and tomorrow (17-18 May 2012) to generally hack bibliographic data and try and point the way for the remaining 2 months’ technical development for the CLOCK project.

After coffee on day 1 we agreed our objectives for the next two days. They are:

  1. To review what we’ve done so far and what we need to do. To play with the SPARQL and JSON-parsing search tools that Andrew Beeken has started to develop and to incorporate more data (BL, etc.)
  2. To think about the user interface for CLOCK: how do we present open bib data from multiple sources (Lincoln, Cambridge, Harvard, BL, OpenLibrary, other) in a single UI in a way which helps our users (cataloguers. researchers) solve problems?
  3. What’s the high level architecture for CLOCK? How does data flow thru’ the system – can we draw a meaningful diagram?
  4. A comparison of open data / Discovery projects that Ed Chamberlain is involved in! What can we take and re-use from OpenBiblio2 and the OEM-UK project? What might those projects be able to take and re-use from CLOCK?
  5. What are we going to do with all this data? A plan forhttp://data.lincoln.ac.uk/http://data.lib.cam.ac.uk/, and http://data.ac.uk/library (or http://library.data.ac.uk/).
  6. To run interviews and live cognitive workthroughs with cataloguers in Cambridge and Lincoln.

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